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Getachew, Yoseph Yilma (2012). Do Ak models really lack transitional dynamics?. UNU-MERIT.  3.46 428 59
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Hall, Andy, Sulaiman, Rasheed and Bezkorowajnyj, Peter (2008). Reframing technical change: Livestock Fodder Scarcity Revisited as Innovation Capacity Scarcity: Part 2. A Framework for Analysis. UNU-MERIT.  3.46 661  
Athreye, Suma (2010). Economic Adversity and Entrepreneurship-led Growth - Lessons from the Indian Software Sector. UNU-MERIT.  3.46 750  
Lokshin, Boris, van Gils, Anita and Bauer, Eva (2008). Crafting Firm Competencies to Improve Innovative Performance. UNU-MERIT.  3.46 579  
Filippov, Sergey (2011). Russia's emerging multinational companies amidst the global economic crisis. UNU-MERIT.  3.46 422  
Kesidou, Effie and Szirmai, Adam (2008). Local Knowledge Spillovers, Innovation and Economic Performance in Developing Countries: A discussion of alternative specifications. UNU-MERIT.  3.46 720 140
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Perrot, Radhika (2009). The Role of Firms in Energy Transformation. UNU-MERIT.  3.46 346  
Engel, Nora (2009). Innovation dynamics in Tuberculosis control in India: The shift to new partnerships. UNU-MERIT.  3.46 411 81
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Costa, Ionara and Marin, Anabel (2007). Foreign-owned firms and technological capabilities in the Argentinean manufacturing industry. UNU-MERIT.  3.46 420 71
Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2011). Labour market and unemployment in Sudan. UNU-MERIT.  3.46 506  
Gault, Fred (2011). Social impacts of the development of science, technology and innovation indicators. UNU-MERIT.  3.46 683  
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Santiago-Rodriguez, Fernando (2010). Human resource management and learning for innovation: pharmaceuticals in Mexico. UNU-MERIT.  3.46 410  
Ziesemer, Thomas (2010). Net-immigration of developing countries: The role of economic determinants, disasters, conflicts, and political instability. UNU-MERIT.  3.46 644  
Li, Jinjing and O'Donoghue, Cathal (2012). Evaluating binary alignment methods in microsimulation models. UNU-MERIT.  3.46 493  
Cowan, Robin and Kamath, Anant (2013). Interactive knowledge exchanges under complex social relations: A simulation model. UNU-MERIT.  3.46 658  
Beckers, Pascal and Blumberg, Boris F. (2011). Immigrant entrepreneurship on the move: A longitudinal analysis of first and second generation immigrant entrepreneurship in the Netherlands. UNU-MERIT.  3.46 434 433
Borghans, Lex, ter Weel, Bas and Weinberg, Bruce A. (2006). Interpersonal Styles and Labor Market Outcomes. UNU-MERIT.  3.46 692 398
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de Neubourg, Elise and de Neubourg, Chris (2012). The impact of malnutrition and post traumatic stress disorder on the performance of working memory in children. UNU-MERIT.  3.46 482  
Ziesemer, Thomas (2008). Worker remittances and government behaviour in the receiving countries. UNU-MERIT.  3.46 647 137
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Garcia, Abraham (2007). National Systems of Innovations and the Role of Demand. A Cross Country Comparison. UNU-MERIT.  3.46 353 65