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McGregor, Elaine, Witkamp, Auke, Bouma, Suzanne and van Klaveren, Susan (2013). Civic integration and forced marriage: comparison paper. Panteia.  4.80 443  
Fairweather, John, Wintjes, René, Williams, Julian, Rinne, Tiffany and Nauwelaers, Claire (2010). Comparison of Innovation Policies in selected European, Asian, and Pacific Rim Countries: How best to optimise Innovation Governance in New Zealand?. N/A.  4.80 700  
Wintjes, René (2006). Strategic Evaluation on Innovation and the knowledge based economy in relation to the Structural and Cohesion Funds, for the programming period 2007-2013 : The Netherlands.  4.80 588  
Walendowski, Jacek, Kroll, Henning, Stahlecker, Thomas, Baier, Elisabeth, Wintjes, René and Hollanders, Hugo (2010). Innovation patterns and innovation policy in European regions - trends, challenges and perspectives. UNU-MERIT.  4.80 689  
Buligescu, Bianca, Hollanders, Hugo and Saebi, Tina (2012). Social attitudes to innovation and entrepreneurship.  4.80 709  
Wintjes, René (2009). Analysing and Evaluating the Impact on Innovation of Publicly-Funded Research Programmes.  4.80 732  
van Drunen, Michiel, Kuik, Onno, Lutz, Christian and Wiebe, Kirsten (2009). Modelling future linkages. IVM Report. Instituut voor Milieuvraagstukken.  4.80 422 88
(1970). Analysis of innovation drivers and barriers in support of better policies. INNO-Grips.  4.80 1102  
Siegel, Melissa and van der Vorst, Vivianne (2012). Evaluation of the 'Blue Birds' Circular Migration Pilot in The Netherlands. n/a.  4.80 687  
Frouws, Bram and Grimmius, Ton (2012). Migratie en Ontwikkeling: Beleidsevaluatie van het Nederlandse Migratie- en Ontwikkelingsbeleid sinds 2008.  4.80 432  
Ghosh, Rishab Aiyer, Glott, Rüdiger, Gerloff, Karsten, Schmidt, Jan Philipp, Aisola, Kamini and Boujraf, Abdelkrim (2007). Study on the effect on the development of the information society of European public bodies making their own software available as open source. N/A.  4.80 694  
Ragab, Nora, McGregor, Elaine and Siegel, Melissa (2013). Diaspora Engagement in Development: An Analysis of the Engagement of the Tunisian Diaspora in Germany and the Potentials for Cooperation.  4.80 683  
van Beuzekom, Brigitte and Arundel, Anthony (2009). OECD Biotechnology Statistics 2009. n/a.  4.80 737  
Dupuy, Arnaud, Fouarge, Didier and Buligescu, Bianca (2009). Development of econometric methods to evaluate the gender pay gap using structure of earnings data. European Communities.  4.80 457 311
Dunnewijk, Theo (2009). De locale socio-economische impact van "fiber to the home". UNU-MERIT.  4.80 766 207
Braun, Annette, Grimm, Vera, Korte, Sabine, Rijkers-Defrasne, Sylvie and Wintjes, René (2011). Innovation and industrial policy. N/A.  4.80 597  
Mytelka, Lynn K., Goedhuys, Micheline, Arundel, Anthony and Gachino, Geoffrey (2004). Designing a policy-relevant innovation survey for NEPAD.  4.80 805  
Arundel, Anthony, Kanerva, Minna and Kemp, René (2011). Integrated innovation policy for an integrated problem: addressing climate change resource scarcity and demographic change to 2030.  4.80 733  
Roelen, Keetie and Gassmann, Franziska (2012). Child wellbeing in Kazakhstan.  4.80 767  
Kuschminder, Katherine, McGregor, Elaine, Siegel, Melissa and van der Vorst, Vivianne (2012). Migration for development in the Western Balkans (MIDWEB): final evaluation. n/a.  4.80 723  
Mideros Mora, Andres, Gassmann, Franziska and Mohnen, Pierre (2012). Estimation of rates of return of social protection instruments in Cambodia: a case for non-contributory social transfers.  4.80 736  
Siegel, Melissa and Vanore, Michaella (2011). OxfamNovib study on the needs and wants of African migrants in Europe with regards to remittance sending.  4.80 677  
Gassmann, Franziska (2013). Economic and social vulnerability in Georgia.  4.80 644  
Wintjes, René (2009). Peer Review among innovation agencies, synthesizing pilot results and lessons.  4.80 588  
Nauwelaers, Claire (2006). Inventory of research policies, structures, programmes and organizations in Belgium.  4.80 381  
Mideros Mora, Andres, Gassmann, Franziska and Mohnen, Pierre (2012). Estimation of Rates of Return on Social Protection Instruments: Making the Investment case for Non-Contributory Social Transfers in Cambodia. UNU-MERIT.  4.80 828  
Wintjes, René (2009). Twinning for Good Practice Transfer, synthesizing results and lessons.  4.80 539  
Zhang, Ying and Duysters, Geert (2009). Alliance-based Network View on Chinese Firms' Catching-up: Case Study of Huawei Technologies Co.Ltd. UNU-MERIT Working Paper Series. UNU-MERIT.  4.80 853  
Nauwelaers, Claire (2006). Inventory of research policies, structures, programmes and organizations in Iceland.  4.80 404  
Kanerva, Minna and Hollanders, Hugo (2009). The impact of the economic crisis on innovation - Analysis based on the Innobarometer 2009 survey.  4.80 664 160
Wintjes, René and Dunnewijk, Theo (2008). Sectoral Innovation Systems in Europe: the case of the ICT sector.  4.80 687  
Nauwelaers, Claire and Wintjes, René (2009). Monitoring progress towards the ERA (European Research Area).  4.80 600  
Wintjes, René and Nauwelaers, Claire (2008). Avaliação do impacto na inovação de programas voltados à excelência em pesquisa e o desenvolvimento regional: como descentralizar a "estratégia de Lisboa" e elaborar conjuntos de políticas de inovação coerentes?.  4.80 785  
Tijssen, Robert, Nederhof, Anton, van Leeuwen, Thed, Hollanders, Hugo, Kanerva, Minna and van den Berg, Peter (2010). Science and Technology Indicators 2010. UNU-MERIT.  4.80 693  
Arndt, Christiane, Bounds, Gregory, Jacobzone, Stéphane and Job, Emmanuel (2009). Indicators of Regulatory Management Systems. UNU-MERIT.  4.80 474  
Zhang, Ying and Filippov, Sergey (2009). Internationalization of Chinese firms in Europe. UNU-MERIT Working Paper Series. UNU-MERIT.  4.80 385  
Finne, Håkon, Arundel, Anthony, Balling, Gert, Brisson, Pierre and Erselius, Jörn (2009). Metrics for knowledge transfer from public research organisations in Europe. European Communities.  4.80 660 317
Wintjes, René, Dunnewijk, Theo and Hollanders, Hugo (2002). ICT Monitor Vlaanderen: Eindrapport van een haalbaarheidsstudie.  4.80 641  
Hoareau, Cecile, Ritzen, Jo and Marconi, Gabriele (2012). The State of University Policy for Progress in Europe. UNU-MERIT.  4.80 684 206
ter Weel, Bas, van der Horst, Albert and Gelauff, George (2010). The Netherlands of 2040. CPB Netherlands Bureau Economic Policy Analysis.  4.80 647  
Siegel, Melissa, McGregor, Elaine, van der Vorst, Vivianne and Frouws, Bram (2013). Independent evaluation of ILO's work on international labour migration: Executive Summary. n/a.  4.80 682  
Lie, Ann Louise (2012). The effects of international emigration and return of Georgian migrants upon the spread of infectious diseases in the republic of Georgia.  4.80 426 305
van Drunen, Michiel, Lutz, Christian, Wiebe, Kirsten, Giljum, Stefan, Barz, Peter, Burger, Eva, Çelik, Kezban, Dellink, Rob, Dresner, Simon, Femia, Aldo, Giljum, Stefan, van Herwijnen, Marjan, Hinterberger, Fritz, Kalaycioğlu, Sibel, Kemppainen, Senja, Lutter, Stephan, Lutz, Christian, Luukkanen, Jyrki, Pihlajamäki, Mia, Stocker, Andrea (2008). Case studies methods, tools and models for assessment of SD interlinkages. n/a.  4.80 679 152
Costa, Ionara, Doranova, Asel and Eenhoorn, Geert-Jan. Beyond the emission market: Kyoto and the international expansion of waste management firms. UNU-MERIT Working Paper Series. UNU-MERIT.  4.80 177 257
Arundel, Anthony, Es-Sadki, Nordine, Barjak, Franz, Perrett, Pieter and Lilischkis, Stefan (2013). European Knowledge Transfer Report 2013. European Commission.  4.80 684 542
Wintjes, René (2007). Monitoring and analysis of policies and public financing instruments conducive to higher levels of R&D investments; The "POLICY MIX" Project. Regional case study of North-Brabant (NL).  4.80 718 333
Kroll, Henning, Baier, Elisabeth, Heijs, Joost, Hollanders, Hugo, Schricke, Esther, Stahlecker, Thomas and Wintjes, René (2011). Development of a methodology for the profiling of regional economies. n/a.  4.80 713  
Dunnewijk, Theo, Hollanders, Hugo and Wintjes, René (2004). Knowledge-Index South Netherlands.  4.80 649 136
Dunnewijk, Theo, Meijers, Huub and van Zon, Adriaan (2007). Accounting for the impact of information and communication technologies on total factor productivity: towards and endogenous growth approach. European Communities.  4.80 905  
Hollanders, Hugo and Kanerva, Minna (2009). Service sector innovation: Measuring innovation performance for 2004 and 2006 using sector specific innovation indexes.  4.80 586 169