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Karkin, Naci, Değirmenci, Nigar and Gülel, Ferda, "Gender-Based Psychological Side Effects of Online Education in the Pandemic Under the Lens of Administrative Burden" in Handbook of Research on Exploring Gender Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Through an Intersectional Lens ed. Meletiadou, Eleni (Hershey: IGI Global, 2023), 44-66.  5.87 45  
Backhouse, Judy and Al-Hadhrami, Laila, "Developing Smart City Ambassadors in Oman" in Building on Smart Cities Skills and Competences: Human factors affecting smart cities development ed. Fitsilis, Panos (Cham: Springer, 2022), 201-216.  5.87 120  
Pelter, Zoë, Byrne, Jasmina, Meyerhoff Nielsen, Morten and Makpor, Mercy, "Government digital services and children: challenges to the digital transformation" in ICT KIDS ONLINE BRAZIL 2020: Survey on Internet Use by Children in Brazil (São Paulo: Núcleo de Informação e Coordenação do Ponto BR, 2021), 175-184.  5.87 299  
Ojo, Adegboyega and Janowski, Tomasz, "Integrating electronic government and public administration reform strategies: method and experience" in Global strategy and practice of e-governance: examples from around the world ed. Piaggesi, Danilo, Sund, Kristian and Castelnovo, Walter (Hershey: IGI Global, 2011), 102-123.  5.87 493   0
Raudla, Ringa and Tavares, António, "Inter-Municipal Cooperation and Austerity Policies: Obstacles or Opportunities?" in Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Europe: Institutions and Governance ed. Teles, Filipe and Swianiewicz, Pavel (Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018), 17-41.  5.87 440  
Soares, Delfina, Araujo, Wagner and Carvalho, Joana, "Electronic governance policy measurement, assessment and monitoring: a discussion" in ICT Electronic Government 2017: Survey on the use of information and communication technologies in the Brazilian public sector (São Paulo: Grappa Marketing Editorial, 2018), 173-182.  5.87 622  
Meyerhoff Nielsen, Morten, "Governance Failure in Light of Government 3.0: Foundations for Building Next Generation eGovernment Maturity Models" in Government 3.0 - Next Generation Government Technology Infrastructure and Services: Roadmaps, Enabling Technologies & Challenges ed. Jeremy Millard and Ojo, Adegboyega (Cham: Springer, 2017), 63-109.  5.87 461  
Meyerhoff Nielsen, Morten, "The Untapped Potential: The Inclusive, Personal and Co-created Public Service Experience in Europe" in Digitalization of Democratic Processes in Europe: Southern and Central Europe in Comparative Perspective ed. Musiał-Karg, Magdalena and Luengo, Óscar G. (Cham: Springer, 2021), 165-188.  5.87 368  
Susar, Deniz, Soares, Delfina, Alarabiat, Ayman, Lameiras, Mariana and Sarantis, Demetrios, "Regional Challenges and Opportunities" in United Nations E-Government Survey 2020 (New York: United Nations, 2020), 63-85.  5.87 260  
Tavares, António, "Advancing the Research Agenda on Local Territorial Reforms: Taking Time and Space Seriously" in Local Government in Europe: New Perspectives and Democratic Challenges ed. Marta Lackowska, Katarzyna Szmigiel-Rawska and Filipe Teles (Bristol: Bristol University Press, 2021), 3-17.  5.87 270  
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Backhouse, Judy and Ben Dhaou, Soumaya, "Medidas de cidades sustentáveis e inteligentes: partindo do âmbito global para o local" in Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação na gestão urbana: desafios para a mediação de cidades inteligentes (São Paulo: Comitê Gestor da Internet no Brasil -, 2020), 76-108.  5.87 406  
Boehler, Christian, Helter, Timea, Rohman, Ibrahim and Abadie, Fabienne, "Estimating Weights for the Active Ageing Index (AAI) from Stated Preferences: Proposal for a Discrete Choice Experiment (DCE)" in Building Evidence for Active Ageing Policies: Active Ageing Index and its Potential ed. Zaidi, Asghar, Harper, Sarah, Howse, Kenneth, Lamura, Giovanni and Perek-Białas, Jolanta (Singapore: Springer Nature, 2018), 239-258.  5.87 355  
Estevez, Elsa, Fillottrani, Pablo, Janowski, Tomasz and Ojo, Adegboyega, "Government information sharing: a framework for policy formulation" in e-Governance and cross-boundary collaboration: innovations and advancing tools ed. Chen, Yu-Che and Chu, Pin-Yu (Hershey: IGI Global, 2012), 23-55.  5.87 625   0
Tavares, António, Martins, João and Lameiras, Mariana, "Electronic Participation in a Comparative Perspective: Institutional Determinants of Performance" in Digital Government and Achieving E-Public Participation: Emerging Research and Opportunities ed. Manuel Pedro Rodríguez Bolívar and María Elicia Cortés Cediel (Pennsylvania: IGI Global, 2020), 87-123.  5.87 231  
Janowski, Tomasz, Estevez, Elsa and Gray, Vanessa, "Conclusions and way forward" in Final WSIS target review: achievements, challenges and way forward (Geneva: International Telecommunication Union, 2014), 377-409.  5.87 600 748
de Magalhães, Larissa, "Dynamic Capabilities and Digital Transformation in Public Sector: Evidence from Brazilian Case Study" in Electronic Government. EGOV 2023 ed. Lindgren, Ida (Cham: Springer, 2023), n/a-n/a.  5.87 68  
Lameiras, Mariana and Sousa, Helena, "Portugal: políticas de transparencia y reforma de los medios públicos" in Austeridad y clientelismo: Política audiovisual en España en el contexto mediterráneo y de la crisis financiera ed. Fernández Alonso, Isabel (Barcelona: Editorial Gedisa, 2017), 51-68.  5.87 588  
Steiblel, Fabro and Estevez, Elsa, "Designing web 2.0 tools for online public consultation" in Impact of information society research in the global south ed. Chib, Arul, May, Julian and Barrantes, Roxana (Berlin: Springer, 2015), 243-265.  5.87 603   0
Soares, Delfina, Sarantis, Demetrios and Lameiras, Mariana, "Improve cities resilience and sustainability through e-government assessment" in United Nations E-Government Survey 2018: Gearing E-Government to Support Transformation towards Sustainable and Resilient Societies ed. Aquaro, Vincenzo and Schweinfest, Stefan (New York: United Nations, 2018), 151-175.  5.87 706