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Aginam, Obijiofor, Harrington, John and Yu, Peter K., The global governance of HIV/AIDS: intellectual property and access to essential medicines, (2013).  6.28 765  
Lasco, Rodel D., Habito, Christine Marie D., Delfino, Rafaela Jane P., Pulhin, Florencia B. and Concepcion, Rogelio N., Climate change adaptation for smallholder farmers in Southeast Asia, (2011).  6.28 1246 3775
Otsuki, Kei, Sustainable development in Amazonia: paradise in the making, (2013).  6.28 800  
Futamura, Madoka and Bernaz, Nadia, The politics of the death penalty in countries in transition, (N/A: Routledge, 2013).  6.28 510  
Towards the dignity of difference?: neither 'end of history' nor 'clash of civilizations', ed. Mahdavi, Mojtaba and Knight, W. Andy (2012).  6.28 478  
Legality and Legitimacy in Global Affairs, ed. Falk, Richard A., Juergensmeyer, Mark and Popovski, Vesselin (New York: Oxford University Press, 2012).  6.28 550  
Norms of protection: responsibility to protect, protection of civilians and their interaction, ed. Francis, Angus, Popovski, Vesselin and Sampford, Charles (2012).  6.28 504  
Land management in marginal mountain regions: adaptation and vulnerability to global change, ed. Saxena, K.G., Liang, Luohui, Tanaka, K. and Takahashi, Shimako (Dehra Dun, India: Vedams eBooks, 2012).  6.28 539  
Heo, Seunghoon Emilia, Reconciling enemy states in Europe and Asia, (London: 2012).  6.28 1032  
Popovski, Vesselin, International rule of law and professional ethics, (2013).  6.28 590