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Akçomak, Semih and ter Weel, Bas (2007). How do social capital and government support affect innovation and growth? Evidence from the EU regional support programmes. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 627  
Hall, Andy, Sulaiman, Rasheed, Dhamankar, Mona, Bezkorowajnyj, Peter and Prasad, Leela (2008). Reframing technical change: Livestock Fodder Scarcity Revisited as Innovation Capacity Scarcity: Part 1. A Review of Historical and Recent Experiences. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 675  
Hall, Andy, Sulaiman, Rasheed and Bezkorowajnyj, Peter (2008). Reframing technical change: Livestock Fodder Scarcity Revisited as Innovation Capacity Scarcity: Part 3. Tools for Diagnosis and Institutional Change in Innovation Systems. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 672  
Hall, Andy, Sulaiman, Rasheed and Bezkorowajnyj, Peter (2008). Reframing technical change: Livestock Fodder Scarcity Revisited as Innovation Capacity Scarcity: Part 2. A Framework for Analysis. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 661  
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Li, Jinjing and O'Donoghue, Cathal (2012). Evaluating binary alignment methods in microsimulation models. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 493  
Beckers, Pascal and Blumberg, Boris F. (2011). Immigrant entrepreneurship on the move: A longitudinal analysis of first and second generation immigrant entrepreneurship in the Netherlands. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 434 433
Borghans, Lex, ter Weel, Bas and Weinberg, Bruce A. (2006). Interpersonal Styles and Labor Market Outcomes. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 692 398
Borghans, Lex, Duckworth, Angela Lee, Heckman, James J. and ter Weel, Bas (2008). The Economics and Psychology of Personality Traits. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 765 1413
Voeten, Jaap, de Haan, Job and de Groot, Gerard (2009). Is that Innovation? Assessing Examples of Revitalized Economic Dynamics among Clusters of Small Producers in Northern Vietnam. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 385 95
de Neubourg, Elise and de Neubourg, Chris (2012). The impact of malnutrition and post traumatic stress disorder on the performance of working memory in children. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 482  
De Zutter, Elisabeth and Toro, Francisco (2008). Normative Power is in the Eye of the Beholder: An Empirical Assessment of Perceptions of EU Identity at the WTO. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 436 57
Azomahou, Théophile T., El Ouardighi, Jalal, Nguyen-Van, Phu and Pham, Thi Kim Cuong (2010). Convergence of European regions: a reappraisal. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 746 107
Müllers, Manuel, Muysken, Joan and de Regt, Erik (2013). A set of time series data labour market stocks and flows for the Netherlands 1980 to 2010. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 576  
Azomahou, Théophile T., Goedhuys, Micheline and Nguyen-Van, Phu (2009). A structural nonparametric reappraisal of the CO2 emissions-income relationship. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 897 344
Beckers, Pascal and Kloosterman, Robert C. (2011). Business spaces between entrepreneurs and opportunities. The impact of the local built environment and zoning regulations on businesses in Dutch cities. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 525 144
Beckers, Pascal and Sleutjes, Bart (2011). Neighbourhood spatial order and firm mobility in disadvantaged urban neighbourhoods of the Netherlands. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 362 51
Li, Jinjing and O'Donoghue, Cathal (2012). A methodological survey of dynamic microsimulation models. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 657  
Bala Subrahmanya, Mungila Hillemane, Mathirajan, M. and Krishnaswamy, K. N. (2010). Importance of Technological Innovation for SME Growth - Evidence from India. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 393  
Hagedoorn, John, Lorenz-Orlean, Stefanie and van Kranenburg, Hans (2007). Inter-firm technology transfer: Partnership-embedded licensing or standard licensing agreements?. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 688  
Borghans, Lex, Meijers, Huub and ter Weel, Bas (2013). The importance of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation for measuring IQ. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 732  
Siegel, Melissa and de Neubourg, Chris (2011). A historical perspective on immigration and social protection in the Netherlands. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 916 426
van Zon, Adriaan and Schmidt, Tobias S. (2008). To Be or Not to Be at the BOP: A One-North-Many-Souths Model with Subsistence and Luxury Goods. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 696 114
Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2011). The Use and Economic Impacts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Sudan. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 337 179
Rehm, Martin, Gijselaers, Wim and Segers, Mien (2012). The monkey on your back?! Hierarchical positions and their influence on participants' behaviour within communities of learning. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 428 34
Sologon, Denisa Maria and O'Donoghue, Cathal (2011). Earnings Mobility in Europe: 1994-2001 - Do more flexible labour markets experience a higher earnings mobility?. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 394 44
Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2011). Assessment of skill and technology indicators at the macro-micro levels in Sudan. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 574 225
Cingolani, Luciana and De Crombrugghe, Denis (2012). Exploring the panel components of the Institutional Profiles Database (IPD). UNU-MERIT.  3.99 488 78
Borghans, Lex, Meijers, Huub and ter Weel, Bas (2006). The Role of Noncognitive Skills in Explaining Cognitive Test Scores. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 701 978
Niosi, Jorge and Tschang, Feichin Ted (2008). Comparing Chinese and the Indian Software MNCs: Domestic and Export Market Strategies and their Interplay. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 603 379
Rosa, Julio Miguel, Rose, Antoine and Mohnen, Pierre (2006). Buying and Selling Research and Development Services, 1997 to 2002. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 815 274
Kwanjai, Nantawan Noi and den Hertog, Friso (2008). Multinationals are Multicultural Units: Some Indications from a Cross-Cultural Study. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 744 272
Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2011). Assessment of effectiveness of China aid in financing development in Sudan. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 602  
van Dijk, Michiel and Szirmai, Adam (2007). The Micro-Dynamics of Catch Up in Indonesian Paper Manufacturing: An International Comparison of Plant-Level Performance. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 589 237
De Crombrugghe, Denis and Farla, Kristine (2012). Preliminary conclusions on institutions and economic performance. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 479 74
van de Vrande, Vareska, Vanhaverbeke, Wim and Duysters, Geert (2007). External technology sourcing: The effect of uncertainty on governance mode choice. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 725 768
Mohnen, Pierre and Lokshin, Boris (2009). What does it take for an R&D tax incentive policy to be effective?. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 640 436
David, Paul A. and van Zon, Adriaan (2012). Optimal multi-phase transition paths toward a stabilized global climate: Integrated dynamic requirements analysis for the 'tech fix'. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 734 150
van Zon, Adriaan and Mupela, Evans (2010). Endogenous Economic Growth through Connectivity. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 657  
Cesaroni, Fabrizio, Giarratana, Marco S. and Martínez-Ros, Ester (2012). Technological capabilities and cost efficiency as antecedents of foreign market entry. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 401 91
Sulaiman, Rasheed, Hall, Andy and Reddy, T.S. Vamsidhar (2011). Missing the target: Lessons from enabling innovation in South Asia. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 634 150
Atamanov, Aziz and Van den Berg, Marrit (2012). Determinants of the rural nonfarm economy in Tajikistan. UNU-MERIT Working Paper Series. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 505 353
Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2013). Overview of knowledge economy in the Arab region. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 408 414
Hall, Andy and Clark, Norman (2009). What Do Complex Adaptive Systems Look Like and What Are the Implications for Innovation Policy?. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 693 351
Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2010). The impact of ICT in the transformation and production of knowledge in Sudan. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 392 245
van Zon, Adriaan and Fuss, Sabine (2006). Irreversible Investment under Uncertainty in Electricity Generation: A Clay-Clay-Vintage Portfolio Approach with an Application to Climate Change Policy in the UK. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 649 234
Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2010). The incidence and transfer of knowledge in the Arab countries. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 370 66
García-Gómez, Pilar, Labeaga Azcona, José M. and Oliva, Juan (2012). Employment and wages of people living with HIV/AIDS. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 530 212
Reddy, T.S. Vamsidhar, Hall, Andy and Sulaiman, Rasheed (2010). New Organisational and Institutional Vehicles for Managing Innovation in South Asia: Opportunities for Using Research for Technical Change and Social Gain. UNU-MERIT.  3.99 825 221