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Temple, Chinedu Obi, Bartolini, Fabio and D'Haese, Marijke, (2019). International Migration, Remittance and Food Security during Food Crises: The Case Study of Nigeria. Food Security, 207-220  4.43 159  
Oddone, Nahuel, (2021). Special issue: Países + Integrados = Personas + Protegidas. MERCOSUR, 35-39  4.43 4  
Harrison, James, Barbu, Mirela, Franz Christian Ebert and Campling, Liam, (2019). Labour Standards Provisions in EU Free Trade Agreements: Reflections on the European Commission's Reform Agenda. World Trade Review, 18(4), 635-657  4.43 85  
Lietaert, Ine and Kuschminder, Katie, (2021). Special Issue: Contextualizing and Conceptualizing Reintegration Processes in the Context of Return. International Migration, 59(2), 140-147  4.43 2  
Šime, Zane, (2021). EU-India Relations in the Multi-Vector Matrix of Science Diplomacy and Asia-Europe Meeting. Research in Globalization, 3 1-8  4.43 3  
Froitzheim, Meike, Schierenbeck, Isabell and Söderbaum, Fredrik, (2021). Peace Research Meets Implementation Studies: The Role of Implementing Actors. International Relations, 36(2), 285-306  4.43 3  
Lietaert, Ine, (2021). Migrants’ Post‐Return Wellbeing: A View From the Caucasus. International Migration, 59(2), 239-254  4.43 3  
Slocum-Bradley, Nikki R., (2013). Relational constructionism: generative theory and practice for conflict engagement and resolution. International Journal of Conflict Engagement and Resolution, 1(1), 114-128  4.43 464  
Radu, Roxana, Kettemann, Matthias C., Meyer, Trisha and Shahin, Jamal, (2021). Normfare: Norm Entrepreneurship in Internet Governance. Telecommunications Policy, 45(6), 02148-02148  4.43 7  
De Lombaerde, Philippe, Naeher, Dominik and Saber, Takfarinas, (2021). Regional Integration Clusters and Optimum Customs Unions: A Machine-Learning Approach. Journal of Economic Integration, 36(2), 262-281  4.43 5  
Bekaert, Els and Ruyssen, Ilse, (2021). Domestic and International Migration Intentions in Response to Environmental Stress: A Global Cross-Country Analysis. Journal of Demographic Economics, 1-54  4.43 5  
Trauner, Florian and König, Franca, (2021). From Trevi to Europol: Germany’s Role in the Integration of EU Police Cooperation. Journal of European Integration, 43(2), 175-190  4.43 4  
Dandoy, Régis and Umpierrez de Reguero, Sebastian, (2021). Should We Go Abroad? The Strategic Entry of Ecuadorian Political Parties in Overseas Electoral Districts. Journal of Representative Democracy, 59(3), 385-402  4.43 6  
Lozka, Katsiaryna, (2021). Closer Together or Further Apart? The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Conflicts in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood. European View, 97-105  4.43 6  
Maes, Leonie, (2012). Towards an effective United Nations-African Union partnership for peace: a critical outlook based on the implementation of the R2P in Libya. Journal of African Union Studies, 1(2, 3), 61-76  4.43 520  
Van Langenhove, Luk, (2011). The Upgrade of the EU in the UN and the Changing Nature of Multilateralism. Community Posts, 1-2  4.43 149 26
Lietaert, Ine, (2018). The Usefulness of Reintegration Support: The Dual Perspectives of Returnees and Caseworkers. The British Journal of Social Work, 1-18  4.43 103  
Di Stefano, Cristina, Lapadre, Lelio and Salvati, Ilaria, (2021). Trade and infrastructure in the Belt and Road Initiative: A Gravity Analysis Based on Revealed Trade Preferences. Journal of Risk and Financial Management, 14(2), n/a-n/a  4.43 5  
Verhaeghe, Elke, (2021). The (Post)Politicisation of Timber Trade: (Un)Invited Participation in the EU-Vietnam Voluntary Partnership Agreement. Forest Policy and Economics, 129 102487-102487  4.43 5  
Tjahja, Nadia, Meyer, Trisha and Shahin, Jamal, (2021). What is Civil Society and Who Represents Civil Society at the IGF? An Analysis of Civil Society Typologies in Internet Governance. Telecommunications Policy, 45(6), 102141-102141  4.43 6  
Van Langenhove, Luk, (2013). The unity and diversity in regional integration studies. Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, Special Issue 15-24  4.43 488  
Kingah, Stephen and Bongkiyung, Pamela D., (2012). Moving beyond the last corrupt leaders in African politics: African Union-European Union cooperation. Cameroon Journal on Democracy and Human Rights, 6(1), 4-47  4.43 617  
De Lombaerde, Philippe and Van Langenhove, Luk, (2011). Monitoring and Evaluating the Provision of (Donor-Funded) Regional Public Goods. Regions & Cohesion, 1(1), 101-123  4.43 184  
Schunz, Simon, Gerards, Carsten and Damro, Chad, (2021). Opportunity, Presence and Entrepreneurship: Why the EU Acts Externally on Higher Education. Journal of Common Market Studies, 60(5), 1237-1254  4.43 5  
Kingah, Stephen, (1970). Regionalising Global Social Policy in Times of Crisis. Regions & Cohesion, 4(1), 3-28  4.43 329  
Umezawa, Hana, (2013). The UN-EU cooperation in peace and security: the mechanisms of inter-institutional relationship. Ritsumeikan International Affairs, 11 23-44  4.43 351  
Deacon, Bob and Nita, Sonja, (2013). Regional social integration and free movement across borders: the role of social policy in enabling and preventing access to social entitlements by cross-border movers. Europe and Southern Africa compared. Regions and Cohesion, 3(1), 32-61  4.43 477  
Lietaert, Ine, Verhaeghe, Floor and Derluyn, Ilse, (2019). Families on Hold: How the Context of an Asylum Centre affects Parenting Experiences. Child & Family Social Work, 1-8  4.43 106  
Kizlari, Dimitra and Valenza, Domenico, (2021). A Balancing Act? Inter-Ministerial Co-operation in the Work of the Cultural Attachés. The Hague Journal of Diplomacy, 1-26  4.43 9  
Van Langenhove, Luk and Marchesi, Daniele, (2008). The Lisbon Treaty and the Emergence of Third Generation Regional Integration. Jean Monnet/Robert Schuman Paper Series, 8(9), 4-17  4.43 129 17
Potjomkina, Diana, (2019). Governmentality in EU External Trade and Environment Policy: Between Rights and Market. International Affairs, 95(4), 945-946  4.43 112  
Verhaeghe, Elke and Marjolein Derous, (2019). When P Stands for Politics. The Role of the EU in the VPAs: A Research Agenda. Forest Policy and Economics, 101 81-87  4.43 178  
Fioramonti, Lorenzo, (2012). Regionalism in a Changing World: Perspectives from Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America. The International Spectator, 41(1),  4.43 446  
Qoraboyev, Ikboljon, (2021). Higher Education contributing to Local, National, and Global Development: New Empirical and Conceptual Insights. Higher Education, 81(1), 109-127  4.43 5  
De Lombaerde, Philippe, (2021). Adding Numbers to Complex Processes: Asian Integration Indicator Systems in Perspective. Asia and the Global Economy, 1(2), n/a-n/a  4.43 8  
Baert, Francis, (2012). Channels of power: The UN Security Council and US Statecraft in Iraq. Political Studies Review, 10(2), 266-266  4.43 636  
Drieghe, Lotte and Potjomkina, Diana, (2019). EU's Value-Based Approach in Trade Policy: (Free) Trade for All?. Global Affairs, 5(1), 63-72  4.43 132  
Bossuyt, Fabienne, (2021). The Influence of Interest Groups on the EU’s Foreign Policy: Assessing and Explaining the Influence of Human Rights NGOs on the EU’s Human Rights Promotion in the Post-Soviet Space. Contemporary Politics, 27(3), 356-370  4.43 4  
Abass, Ademola, (2013). The proposed international criminal jurisdiction for the African court: some problematic aspects. Netherlands International Law Review, LX 27-50  4.43 519 965
Hoxhaj, Rezart and Zuccotti, Carolina V., (2021). The Complex Relationship between Immigrants’ Concentration, Socioeconomic Environment and Attitudes towards Immigrants in Europe. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 44(2), 272-292  4.43 4  
Cruz, Giovanni M., (2007). El diálogo entre la Comunidad Andina y la Unión Europea sobre drogas ilícitas. Colombia Internacional, 65 39-65  4.43 164 26
Van Kerckhoven, Sven, (2021). Post-Brexit Leadership in European Finance. Politics and Governance, 9(10), 59-68  4.43 4  
Lietaert, Ine, Derluyn, Ilse and Tizazu, Ashenafi, (2021). Towards a Definition For Returnees' Reintegration Processes in the Context of Rural Ethiopia. International Migration, 59(2), 202-220  4.43 9  
Murray, Philomena and Moxon-Browne, Edward, (2013). The European Union as a template for regional integration? the case of ASEAN and its Committee of Permanent Representatives. Journal of Common Market Studies, 51(3), 522-537  4.43 453   0
Baert, Francis, (2011). Europe, the USA and political Islam: strategies for engagement. JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies, 50(1),  4.43 496  
Fioramonti, Lorenzo, (2012). Building Regions from Below: Has Time Come for Regionalism 2.0. The International Spectator:Italian Journal of international affairs, 47(1), 151-160  4.43 535  
Nagabhatla, Nidhi, Cassidy-Neumiller, Martha, Ntugulo Francine, Nabintu and Maatta, Neil, (2021). Water, Conflicts and Migration and the Role of Regional Diplomacy: Lake Chad, Congo Basin, and the Mbororo Pastoralist. Environmental Science & Policy, 122 35-48  4.43 10  
Lietaert, Ine and Regasa, Dereje, (2024). ‘Living between here and there’: Trans-Local coping with Urban Marginality among Internally displaced Persons in Urban Ethiopia. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 1-20  4.43 14  
De Lombaerde, Philippe and Lapadre, Lelio, (2012). Indicadores de la globalización. Cuadernos de Economía, 31(57), 1-20  4.43 594 177
Baert, Francis and Shaw, Timothy, (2014). Are you willing to be made nothing? Is Commonwealth reform possible?. International Affairs, 90(5), 1143-1160  4.43 311