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Dreyfus, Magali, (2013). The Judiciary’s role in environmental governance, the case of Delhi. Environmental Policy and Law, 43(3), 162-174  8.19 426  
Ahmad, Sohail, Choi, Mack Joong and Ko, Jinsoo, (2013). Quantitative and Qualitative demand for slum and non-slum housing in Delhi: empirical evidences from household data. Habitat International, 38 90-99  8.19 532   0
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Puppim de Oliveira, José A., (2013). Learning how to align climate, environmental and development objectives in cities: lessons from the implementation of climate co-benefits initiatives in urban Asia. Journal of Cleaner Production, 58 7-14  8.19 617   0
Portugal-Pereira, Joana C., Parady, Giancarlos Troncoso and Dominguez, Bernardo Castro, (2013). Japan's energy conundrum: Post-Fukushima scenarios from a life cycle perspective. Energy Policy, 67 104-115  8.19 487   0
Jiang, Ping and Tovey, Keth, (2013). Improving The Energy Performance of Large Commercial Buildings in China Using Effective Energy Management. International Journal of Green Energy, 10(4), 387-401  8.19 518   0
Puppim de Oliveira, José A., Doll, Christopher N.H., Kurniawan, Tonni A., Geng, Yong, Kapshe, Manmohan and Huisingh, Donald, (2013). Promoting win–win situations in climate change mitigation, local environmental quality and development in Asian cities through co-benefits. Journal of Cleaner Production, 58 1-6  8.19 576   0
Balaban, Osman and Puppim de Oliveira, José A., (2013). Understanding the links between urban regeneration and climate-friendly urban development: lessons from two case studies in Japan. Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability, 19(8), 1-23  8.19 833   0
Portugal-Pereira, Joana C., Doll, Christopher, Suwa, Aki and Puppim de Oliveira, José A., (2013). The sustainable mobility-congestion nexus: a co-benefits approach to finding win-win solutions. Transport and Communications Bulletin for Asia and the Pacific, 82 19-31  8.19 582  
Doll, Christopher N.H., Dreyfus, Magali, Ahmad, Sohail and Balaban, Osman, (2013). Institutional framework for urban development with co-benefits: the Indian experience. Journal of Cleaner Production, 58 121-129  8.19 613   0
Kurniawan, Tonni Agustiono, Puppim de Oliveira, José A., Premakumara, Dickella G.J. and Nagaishi, Masaya, (2013). City-to-city level cooperation for generating urban co-benefits: the case of technological cooperation in the waste sector between Surabaya (Indonesia) and Kitakyushu (Japan). Journal of Cleaner Production, 58 43-50  8.19 662   0