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Cheng, Qianwei, Zaber, Moinul, Rahman, Mahbubur, Zhang, Haoran, Guo, Zhiling, Okabe, Akiko and Shibasaki, Ryosuke, (2022). Understanding the Urban Environment from Satellite Images with New Classification Method - Focusing on Formality and Informality. Sustainability, 14(7), 2-27  4.43 80  
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Martins, João and Veiga, Linda, (2022). Digital government as a business facilitator. Information Economics and Policy, 60 n/a-n/a  4.43 160  
Martins, João, (2022). Bond Yields Movement Similarities and Synchronization in the G7: A Time–Frequency Analysis. Journal of Business Cycle Research, 18 189-214  4.43 181