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Bala Subrahmanya, Mungila Hillemane, Mathirajan, M. and Krishnaswamy, K. N. (2010). Importance of Technological Innovation for SME Growth - Evidence from India. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 401  
Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2010). Higher education and science policies in the Arab region: National, regional and global processes. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 421 246
Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2010). The incidence and transfer of knowledge in the Arab countries. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 389 71
Ramani, Shyama V. and Mukherjee, Vivekananda (2010). CSR and market changing product innovations: Indian case studies. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 985 515
Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2010). The impact of ICT in the transformation and production of knowledge in Sudan. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 402 249
Lokshin, Boris, Hagedoorn, John and Letterie, Wilko (2010). The bumpy road of technology partnerships: Understanding causes and consequences of partnership mal-functioning. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 793 557
Hagedoorn, John and Wang, Ning (2010). Is there complementarity or substitutability between internal and external R&D strategies?. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 754  
Ziesemer, Thomas (2010). From trends in commodities and manufactures to country terms of trade. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 685 149
Bodas Freitas, Isabel Maria, Dantas, Eva and Iizuka, Michiko (2010). The global institutional frameworks and the diffusion of renewable energy technologies in the BRICS countries. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 830 621
Gebreeyesus, Mulu and Iizuka, Michiko (2010). Discovery of the flower industry in Ethiopia: experimentation and coordination. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 956 871
Tacsir, Ezequiel (2010). Making your own future. Expectations and occupation choice. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 416 78
Baghana, Rufin (2010). Public R&D subsidies and productivity: Evidence from firm-level data in Quebec. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 467 232
Sharif, Naubahar and Huang, Can (2010). Innovation strategy, firm survival and relocation: The case of Hong Kong-owned manufacturing in Guangdon province, China. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 489 417
Diallo, Fatoumata (2010). Analysing multidimensional poverty in Guinea: A fuzzy set approach. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 657 107
Ziesemer, Thomas (2010). Net-immigration of developing countries: The role of economic determinants, disasters, conflicts, and political instability. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 658  
Ziesemer, Thomas (2010). The Impact of the Credit Crisis on Poor Developing Countries and the Role of China in Pulling and Crowding Us Out. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 655  
Hall, Bronwyn and Helmers, Christian (2010). The role of patent protection in (clean/green) technology transfer. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 548 398
Hall, Bronwyn, Thoma, Grid and Torrisi, Salvatore (2010). Financial patenting in Europe. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 548 300
Santiago-Rodriguez, Fernando (2010). Human resource management and learning for innovation: pharmaceuticals in Mexico. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 424  
Santiago-Rodriguez, Fernando and Dutrenit, Gabriela (2010). Determinants of PRO-industry interactions in pharmaceutical R&D: the case of Mexico. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 525 260
Akçomak, Semih, Borghans, Lex and ter Weel, Bas (2010). Measuring and interpreting trends in the division of labour in the Netherlands. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 710 259
Hall, Bronwyn and Lerner, Josh (2010). The financing of R&D and innovation. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 696 2866
Tacsir, Ezequiel (2010). Choosing a career in Science and Technology. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 732 145
Guennif, Samira and Ramani, Shyama V. (2010). Catching up in pharmaceuticals: a comparative study of India and Brazil. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 886 317
Hall, Andy, Clark, Norman and Frost, Andy (2010). Bottom-up, Bottom-line: Development-Relevant Enterprises in East Africa and their Significance for Agricultural Innovation. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 929 267
Sonne, Lina (2010). Financing pro-poor entrepreneur-based innovation: A review of existing literature. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 651 247
Hall, Bronwyn, Mairesse, Jacques and Mohnen, Pierre (2010). Measuring the Returns to R&D. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 721  
Carree, Martin, Lokshin, Boris and Belderbos, René (2010). A note on testing for complementarity and substitutability in the case of multiple practices. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 893 286
Narula, Rajneesh and Guimón, José (2010). The R&D activity of multinational enterprises in peripheral economies: evidence from the EU new member states. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 533 123
van Zon, Adriaan and Mupela, Evans (2010). Endogenous Economic Growth through Connectivity. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 671  
Hall, Bronwyn (2010). Business and financial method patents, innovation, and policy. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 724 454
Reddy, T.S. Vamsidhar, Hall, Andy and Sulaiman, Rasheed (2010). New Organisational and Institutional Vehicles for Managing Innovation in South Asia: Opportunities for Using Research for Technical Change and Social Gain. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 846 227
Goedhuys, Micheline and Srholec, Martin (2010). Understanding multilevel interactions in economic development. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 682  
Akçomak, Semih and Stoneman, Paul (2010). How novel is social capital: Three cases from the British history that reflect social capital. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 417 60
Ghali, Sofiane and Mohnen, Pierre (2010). Economic restructuring and total factor productivity growth: Tunisia over the period 1983-2001. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 838 273
Hall, Andy, Dijkman, Jeroen and Sulaiman, Rasheed (2010). Research Into Use: Investigating the Relationship between Agricultural Research and Innovation. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 771 384
van Zon, Adriaan and Wiebe, Kirsten (2010). Efficient Development Portfolio Design for Sub Saharan Africa. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 688 136
Belderbos, René, Wakasugi, Ryuhei and Zou, Jianglei (2010). Business groups, foreign direct investment, and capital goods trade: The import behavior of Japanese affiliates. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 921 465
Lokshin, Boris and Mohnen, Pierre (2010). How effective are level-based R&D tax credits? Evidence from the Netherlands. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 784 765
Pereira de Carvalho, Flavia, Costa, Ionara and Duysters, Geert (2010). Global Players from Brazil: drivers and challenges in the internationalization process of Brazilian firms. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 731 231
Perrot, Radhika and Filippov, Sergey (2010). Localisation strategies of firms in wind energy technology development. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 513 402
Azomahou, Théophile T., El Ouardighi, Jalal, Nguyen-Van, Phu and Pham, Thi Kim Cuong (2010). Convergence of European regions: a reappraisal. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 761 110
Sonne, Lina (2010). Bridging the financing gap for pro-poor innovation: Towards a framework. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 663 111
Bascavusoglu-Moreau, Elif (2010). Entrepreneurship and the national system of innovation - What is missing in Turkey?. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 462 54
Polder, Michael, van Leeuwen, George, Mohnen, Pierre and Raymond, Wladimir (2010). Product, process and organizational innovation: drivers, complementarity and productivity effects. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 1226 1114
Kaplinsky, Raphael, Chataway, Joanna, Clark, Norman, Hanlin, Rebecca, Kale, Dinar, Muraguri, Lois, Papaioannou, Theo, Robbins, Peter and Wamae, Watu (2010). Below the Radar: What does Innovation in Emerging Economies have to offer other Low Income Economies?. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 691 936
Vertesy, Daniel and Szirmai, Adam (2010). Interrupted innovation: Innovation system dynamics in latecomer aerospace industries. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 841 465
Sonne, Lina (2010). Pro-Poor, Entrepreneur-Based Innovation and it’s Role in Rural Development. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 547 123
Mairesse, Jacques and Mohnen, Pierre (2010). Using innovation surveys for econometric analysis. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 745 951
Huang, Can and Wu, Yilin (2010). Sure bet or scientometric mirage? An assessment of Chinese progress in nanotechnology. UNU-MERIT.  3.28 444 153