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Schwärzel, Kai, Zhang, Lulu, Strecker, Andreas and Podlasly, Christian, (2018). Improved Water Consumption Estimates of Black Locust Plantations in China’s Loess Plateau. Forests, 9(4), 1-21  8.14 990 203
Julich, Stefan, Kreiselmeier, Janis, Scheibler, Simon, Petzold, Rainer, Schwärzel, Kai and Feger, Karl-Heinz, (2021). Hydraulic Properties of Forest Soils with Stagnic Conditions. Forests, 12(8), 1-13  8.14 124  
Gu, Hongyan, Jiao, Yuanmei and Liang, Luohui, (2012). Strengthening the socio-ecological resilience of forest-dependent communities: the case of the Hani Rice Terraces in Yunnan, China. Forest Policy and Economics, 22 53-59  4.60 627   0
Kohsaka, Ryo, Tomiyoshi, Mitsuyuki, Saito, Osamu, Hashimoto, Shizuka and Mohammend, Leah, (2015). Interactions of knowledge systems in shiitake mushroom production: a case study on the Noto Peninsula, Japan. Journal of Forest Research, 20(5), 453-463  4.60 619   0
Chen, Bixia and Nakama, Yuei, (2013). Thirty years on forest tourism in China. Journal of Forest Research, 18(4), 285-292  4.60 439   0
Zerga, Belay, Warkineh, Bikila, Teketay, Demel, Woldetsadik, Muluneh and Sahle, Mesfin, (2021). Land use and land cover changes driven by expansion of eucalypt plantations in the Western Gurage Watersheds, Centeral-south Ethiopia. Trees, Forests and People, 5 1-12  4.60 265 252
Verhaeghe, Elke and Marjolein Derous, (2019). When P Stands for Politics. The Role of the EU in the VPAs: A Research Agenda. Forest Policy and Economics, 101 81-87  4.60 160  
Rackelmann, Fabian, Sebesvari, Zita and Bell, Rainer, (2023). Synergies and trade-offs in the management objectives forest health and flood risk reduction. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change, 6 1-20  3.71 93 9